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Anxiety Treatment in Tampa

Are you struggling with anxiety and seeking professional help in Tampa, Florida? Harmony United Psychiatric Care is a mental health clinic that


Do people often describe you as “selfish” or “careless,” even though you’d like to be liked by everyone? If so, you might have Narcissistic

understanding paranoid disorder

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental health condition. People with PPD may perceive others as hostile, manipulative, or threatening, even

Depressive Disorder Treatment

What is Major Depressive Disorder Treatment?

Published on: April 17, 2023

Millions of individuals around the world suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), a significant mental health illness that leaves sufferers with

dipressive disorder symptoms

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a mood disorder that can cause persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in previously

blog 1

What is a major depressive disorder?

Published on: April 3, 2023

Major depressive disorder commonly referred to as depression, is a serious and common mental health condition that affects millions of people

Erectile Dysfunction

Depression can be tough to deal with, especially when it’s so hard to pin down what exactly is causing your depressive symptoms. Depression and

social isolation

Social isolation results from not having enough meaningful connections with people—it can happen because of a lack of transportation, you don’t


As climate change continues to threaten the planet, more and more people are feeling anxiety about how it affects their lives. And psychologists say

relationship therapy

Moving in with your partner is a big step in any relationship. It can bring you closer together, but it can also put a strain on your relationship if

Sex therapy

Is There a Place for Sex in Therapy?

Published on: January 17, 2023

Therapy is a place for individuals to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a confidential and supportive environment. For many

mental health and intimacy

Intimacy is a vital aspect of human relationships, but what happens when mental health issues arise? How does this impact the bond between partners,

Gender Identity

It’s a common question and one that we get asked all the time. Sexual orientation is who you are physically attracted to men, women, both—you

Impulse Control

If you’ve ever felt like there was a monster inside of you and it was trying to take over your life, we’re here to tell you that it’s not your fault.


10 Things to Know About ADHD

Published on: November 8, 2022

ADHD is a disorder that affects the way people think and behave. It’s not caused by poor parenting, nor can it be cured with a bit of discipline. It


Are you in a relationship with someone who is a controlling partner or abusive? Are they making you feel like you can’t make your own choices or that

anxiety 1

You’re not alone if you’ve got a student struggling with anxiety disorder. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 20% of college

sucide 1

Risk for Suicide in Psychiatric Patients

Published on: October 17, 2022

Patients with psychiatric illnesses are at increased risk for suicide. The lifetime risk of suicide in bipolar disorder is 1–2%. The lifetime risk

depression 1

You’re not alone in your struggle with depression symptoms. Millions of people feel the same way you do—and they’re counting on you to find a

autism 1

How is AUTISM detected and tested?

Published on: October 3, 2022

Your child is slightly different, but you might wonder what’s happening. Is it autism? The truth is that many things can cause behavioral differences

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