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Work-Life Balance for the Win: Strategies for Managing Mental Wellbeing at Work

Published on: May 27, 2024

work life balance

Do you ever have times when you are constantly on the go, juggling work, hitting deadlines, and meeting all the expectations? Isn’t that feeling amazing? However, are you disconnected and down at home? This means your work-life balance is not on the right track. But the good news for you is that you can consistently achieve a work-life balance. 

What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance is not about achieving a perfect 50/50 balance between work and everything else. It is about creating boundaries and routines that allow you to excel in both these areas. Moreover, it’s about feeling fulfilled in your career while also having the time of your life outside work. 

Is It Important?

Absolutely! 100%! Here’s why:

Firstly, you will experience less stress. Moreover, a healthy work-life balance will help you combat the stress of a challenging job. You will feel calmer, more focused, and able to handle those challenges. 

Secondly, prioritizing personal time and activities you enjoy will boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and prevent burnout. 

Tip: Always keep 100 feet away from burnouts. 

Thirdly, when you have rested enough and feel good mentally, you will naturally become more productive. Moreover, that will bring out your creative side during work. 

We give our best to our work but leave the breadcrumbs for the people we love. That is unfair. Therefore, having time for loved ones strengthens connections, and having that support system outside work is so important. 

Lastly, you will see a change in your physical health. Furthermore, a healthy work-life balance encourages healthy habits. Similarly, you will be able to take time out for exercise and proper sleep, which will benefit your overall physical health. 

15 Tips to Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance 

1.    Make your well-being a priority

Don’t we all value our jobs? How about we do the same for our mental health? Treat your mental and physical health with the same importance. Moreover, take time for self-care activities that will make you feel good. 

2.    Planning – Create a Daily to Do List 

Jotting down what you need to get done is a must. Similarly, you can write down achievable goals to help you manage your workload. You can prioritize tasks and focus on the most important ones first. During the day, you will be less stressed, keeping you on top of things. 

3.    Manage Your Commotion 

You need to start minimizing distractions during work hours. Turn off your computer and phone notifications, silence your phone ringer, and avoid multitasking. Why though? This will allow you to focus more effectively. Plus, you will be able to finish your tasks much sooner. 

4.    Learn to Say No 

Do not be afraid to politely decline extra tasks if you are already swamped with work. Moreover, it is okay to set boundaries and protect your time and energy. We often feel the need to please others by never saying no. Sometimes, it’s important to say no. If you feel pressured to take on more, explain your workload. 

5.    Have a Tech-Free Lunch Break (20 minutes)

During your lunch break, try not to use any devices. Moreover, step away from screens and use your break to relax, de-stress, and recharge. You should also chat with your colleagues, go for a walk outside, or simply enjoy a quiet moment to yourself. 

6.    Talk to Your Manager if You Are Struggling with Work 

Talking about it helps. You don’t have to struggle alone. Moreover, open communication is extremely important. If you are feeling overwhelmed, discuss it with your manager. They might be able to adjust your workload and offer you flexibility. 

7.    Have a Daily Practice of Stillness

Five minutes is more than enough to sit back and meditate. Similarly, sitting silently helps a lot, as does carrying on with deep breathing exercises and relaxation. Furthermore, this helps reduce stress, improve focus, and promote feelings where you feel calm. 

8.    Walk at least 10,000 Steps every day.

Physical activity is significant. It is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. So, why don’t you start aiming for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week? A brisk walk during your lunch break or after work is a great way to meet your daily step goal.

9.    Have a No Email Evening and Weekend Rule 

You should set boundaries to prevent work from bleeding into your personal life. Furthermore, disconnect from work emails outside work hours to relax and recharge. Similarly, this will allow you to be fully present and enjoy your free time. 

10. Book in Short Conversations with Your Colleagues During Your Work Day 

Connecting with colleagues creates a positive work environment, boosts social interaction, and improves teamwork. Furthermore, you should schedule short coffee breaks or lunch dates to chat. Plus, it’s a chance to build relationships with your coworkers. 

11. Schedule an Outing with Your Friends and Family 

You should make plans with loved ones and prioritize quality time together. Similarly, strong social connections are essential for our overall wellbeing. 

12. Invest in Relationships

Creating good relationships with friends, family, and colleagues provides a robust support system that can improve your overall well-being. Therefore, make time for the people who matter most to you, listen to them, and offer support in return. 

13. Eat One Meal Per Day Around the Table at Home Without an E-device 

Put away the phones, tablets, and laptops, enjoy the company, and relax. Focusing on the present moment and connecting with those around you makes mealtimes more enjoyable. 

14. It’s Okay to Ask for Help 

Do not be afraid to delegate tasks at work or ask for support at home. Moreover, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You should also learn to say no and delegate tasks when overloaded. Ask your partner or family to help with chores and errands at home. 

15. Find Something to do Twice a Week That You Love, and That is Just for You 

Schedule activities you genuinely enjoy. Taking time for personal interests allows you to relax, de-stress, and recharge. 

Do You Need Professional Help?

For help figuring out this aspect of your life, you can always contact Harmony United Psychiatric Care. Our therapists and counselors can help you navigate through life’s struggles. Give us a call today!

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