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Resilience: Coping with the Negative Effects of Stressors!

Published on: March 7, 2022


Do you prone to bounce back or fall apart when things go wrong?

When you have resilience, you may draw on internal power to help you recover from a loss or struggle, such as losing a job, being ill, experiencing a tragedy, or losing a loved one (PTSD). If you lose resilience, you may linger on difficulties, get victimized, become overburdened, or resort to harmful coping techniques, such as addictions, substance abuse, etc.

In other words, the more stresses a person is subjected to, or the longer they are exposed to them, the worse their resilience becomes. Our brains have the power to alter because of their plasticity.

What is Psychological Resilience?

Psychologists define resilience as the process of successfully adjusting yourself in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, danger or severe causes of stress—such as family and interpersonal issues, serious health problems or occupational and financial stressors, etc.

To assess resilience, the RS focuses on four aspects:

  • Equanimity (a balanced view of one’s life and experiences)
  • Persistence (the ability to keep going in the face of adversity)
  • Self-reliance (confidence in one’s talents)
  • Meaningfulness (a sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life)

Why is Resilience Important?

People who lack resilience are more prone to feel overwhelmed or powerless, and they are more likely to use harmful coping mechanisms (such as avoidance, isolation, and self-medication). According to research,

Patients who had attempted suicide, according to one research, had significantly lower resilience ratings than patients who had never attempted suicide.

Stress, disappointments, and sturdy emotions are all part of life for resilient individuals, but they use their strengths and seek assistance from others to overcome obstacles and work through issues. They can accept and adjust to a circumstance and go on with resilience.

How to Deal with Stress and Strengthen Your Resilience

These tried-and-true stress management techniques will show you how to deal with bad situations and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Maintain your Sense of Humour

You can have higher immunity, if you will, to stress and hardship if you can laugh at life’s challenges. Those who have a sense of humour about life find it less stressful, can relate with others during difficult times, and reap the many advantages of laughing.

You will be more resilient if you can take a step back from stressful events long enough to keep your sense of humour.

Get Connected

Strong, positive relationships with loved ones and friends can help you navigate good and bad times. Volunteering or joining a church or spiritual community might help you make other crucial relationships.

Keep a Positive Attitude

When things aren’t going your way, it’s difficult to be cheerful. With a positive mindset, you might anticipate wonderful things to happen to you. Rather than obsessing about what you fear, try envisioning what you desire. Take note of any small ways you start to feel better as you cope with unpleasant situations along the road.

Be Proactive in your Approach

During difficult times, it’s necessary to acknowledge and embrace your feelings, but it’s also crucial to encourage self-discovery by asking yourself, “What can I do about a problem in my life?” If the difficulties appear to be too large to handle, break them down into smaller chunks.

For more information about Resilience, visit our Mental Health Library page. To understand and cope with your psychological symptoms, get help from our Top 10 Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists who are known for providing the best mental health treatment and psychiatry services. To book an appointment please call us at  (800) 457-4573 or submit an appointment request.

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