Amy Zecevic,



Specialities: General Psychiatry (Children, Adults, and Geriatric Clients)


Available at: Lady Lake & Telepsychiatry

Amy E Zecevic, APRN, PMHNP-BC, is a Board Certified PsychiatricMental Health Nurse Practitioner. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 1993 at Central Philippine University; and completed her Master of Science in Nursing specializing in psychiatry from Walden University in 2019.

Amy has been practicing as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in the outpatient setting since March 2020, treating clients with a wide spectrum of mental health conditions. She has decades of nursing career underpinned her clinical experience, more extensively in Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Medical-Surgical, Oncology, and Pediatric units. Among the specialty areas, it was her role as the mental health registered nurse and case manager at Orlando’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center that deeply motivated her to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Amy’s training and clinical experience as a psychiatric nurse practitioner allow her to provide competent and compassionate psychiatric care to families across the lifespan; managing disorders as follows: anxiety, depression, mood, psychotic, personality, sleep, childhood neurodevelopmental, and late-life neurocognitive disorders. She incorporates education and health teaching with psychotherapies. She is passionate about helping individuals and families to get the proper treatment without fears of stigma. As famously known, anyone suffers from any form of mental health condition despite their level of success

Amy, her husband, and her son are from Florida. As Floridians, they enjoy home chores (gardening) and other outdoor activities. Her family is actively involved in local religious organizations which directly served the local communities. Among the many nonprofit organizations, she is passionate and engaged in volunteer services where she could help reach out to the underserved population.

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