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Agnieszka Zaporowska, APRN, PMHNP-BC


Specialities:Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Substance Abuse Treatment


Available at:Tampa, Bradenton & Telepsychiatry

Agnieszka Zaporowska PMHNP is board certified as an adult-geriatric primary care nurse practitioner, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, and as a functional medicine specialist. After attaining her Master’s of Nursing degree from South University, she served as an adult and geriatric nurse practitioner (AGPCNP). She then attained a post-graduate degree from Liberty University, which awarded skills as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). She is now pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing degree with specialization in psychiatry.

In addition to these experiences, her educational pursuits have similarly provided her with a robust foundation of knowledge related to patient care and psychiatric mental health care. Over the course of Agnieszka Zaporowska’s nursing career, she has been involved in diverse patient care environments that range from acute, to subacute, to chronic care situations. This includes comprehensive patient care in critical and acute care units as well as home healthcare activities involving homebound individuals. These experiences have provided her with a wealth of insight regarding patient needs and the role it plays including those related to mental health and wellness.

Through the course of both education and employment, Agnieszka Zaporowska has embraced a comprehensive philosophy of patient care that supports quality psychiatric and mental healthcare of all individuals. This philosophy adopts a patient-centric focus that is respectful, empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental. Likewise, it pursues a holistic approach that considers all aspects of health while acknowledging the benefits of both traditional and functional medicine. It is also grounded in ethical values that include honesty, caring, transparency, and collaboration. Not only does these perspectives influence her approach to patient care, but they also characterize the diverse interests she personally enjoys.

Based on Agnieszka Zaporowska’s current career achievements to date, and her passion for providing quality psychiatric and mental healthcare to others, she is well-qualified in serving as a skilled psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She also continues to welcome opportunities for continued growth in her profession and areas of expertise. In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her family, painting, traveling and spending time in nature.

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