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How to Control Anger & Anxiety

Published on: May 9, 2022

Control Anger & Anxiety

What we’re going to talk about today is slightly different from what you might have heard in the past. It’s not going to be about how to control your anger or anxiety. But it might be helpful if you could at least understand what these things are and why it’s essential for you to learn how to control them.

Anger and anxiety are natural human emotions that can occur in response to situations, like being told off by your boss or disagreeing with your spouse. They’re also prevalent in people who suffer from depression.

What are Anger and Anxiety?

Anger is a normal emotional response to life’s challenges. Anxiety occurs when our emotional response is extreme or irrational.

So what happens when you feel angry? For example, you might feel angry at your boss for not ensuring your work gets done, angry at your spouse for not doing laundry as you asked, or angry at your kids for being picky eaters. It is natural to be angry in some situations, but people tend to overreact when they are angry. When we overreact, it can lead to problems with our moods, health, relationships, and society.

Anger and anxiety often manifest themselves as physical symptoms and emotions, including:

  • You might feel agitated or agitated when you’re angry.
  • When anxious, you might feel worried or anxious.
  • Feel shaky or shaky
  • Feel tense
  • Heart rate may increase
  • Blood pressure may increase
  • Experience increased urination

These symptoms aren’t necessarily bad—it’s just crucial for you to know that they could happen.

Control your anger and anxiety with a few simple strategies.

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with anger or anxiety that you want to scream? It’s ok. Everyone gets in situations like this from time to time—it’s normal! There are many similar strategies for controlling anger and anxiety, including:


This practice helps you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about past events or future possibilities. You can try this technique by sitting quietly for 10 minutes with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing—noticing each inhale and exhale without trying to change them.


Physical activity can help take your mind off stressful situations and also help release tension from your body. So find a form of exercise you enjoy (such as swimming, walking, biking) and move!

Breathing exercises

When we breathe deeply, it helps us calm down because it allows our body’s nervous system to relax and slow down. For example, try taking long deep breaths from your belly for four seconds, holding them there for four seconds, and then exhaling slowly through your mouth for eight seconds.

Talking with a friend or counselor

If you feel like you’re about to blow up, call someone you trust and can talk to openly. It could be a friend, family member, therapist, or coach—the important thing is that they’re someone who will listen without judgment and give you helpful advice. If you don’t have someone like this in your life right now, many online resources can help connect you with a trained professional who can provide you with support and guidance.

Yoga or stretching

The physical act of stretching out your body can be very calming and soothing in stress or tension. Try doing some stretches for a few minutes every night before going to bed or whenever you feel overwhelmed by emotions. You might even consider taking up yoga practice! It will improve your flexibility and balance, but it will also make you feel so fresh.

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