Client Reviews

Ratings below are from clients (patients) based on a rating scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest possible rating).

Provider: Amanda Degee
"Words cannot describe how she actually saw me as a person and not a cash grab and I was actually concerned of my mental health and took me so serious that she is probably a saint and should be canonized A+++"
Provider: Kayla Witterick
"I am so thrilled to have a professional whom I felt totally understood my issues and what medication would be best to start me on so I can finally get some help I need. I was actually a little nervous about new appointment and she made me feel instantly comfortable!!"
Provider: Melissa Tamayo
"I love Melissa! She's such an amazing provider. She takes the time to explain everything to me, including why or why not she goes a specific route for medication management. She is so personable and I can sense that she really cares about patients."
Provider: Sherry Roberts
"Love the tele appts! Quick easy stress free."
"Dr. Green is able to get my son to speak openly and comfortably about how he's feeling and has explained carefully how the medication works and possible side effects. She's very 'real' and charismatic and when I hear my son Cody speak with her it's as if he's known her for years."
Provider: Sherry Roberts
"Sherry is a wonderful Nurse and an excellent help!"
Provider: Robert Brady
"Psychiatrist who really listened to and understood me. Working with me and trying to find the best solutions for me. Usually, I don't enjoy psychiatrist appointments, but this was my first visit with Rob and Harmony in general and I actually felt more positive than when I walked in, and that's awesome."
Provider: Yoneka Powell
"She's a really awesome person! She's so nice to me and I really appreciate that! She always listens and takes the time to explain things to me!"
Provider: Melissa Tamayo
"Melissa is my favorite of all time. I hope to continue seeing her in the future!"
"Ms. White-Green was very compassionate and a great listener. I would highly recommend anybody to her. Not only did she explain the medication that I will be taking but she also answered all my questions I had about them. I really enjoyed speaking with her, and I can tell that she really cares about her patients."
"He's very easy to talk to and I felt as if I was actually being listened to. He also helped me to understand my emotions better and how to cope better."
Provider: Melissa Tamayo
"I feel so comfortable with her and she makes it feel like I’m talking to a friend!"
Provider: Robert Brady
"Robert Brady is an awesome doctor. He’s so kind and chill and makes me feel very comfortable."
Provider: Renee S. Blate
"I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Rene Blate get gets 5 stars. Thanks for this opportunity."
Provider: Gladys Rivera
"I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Rivera today. I feel as though she understood me and she didn't judge me. I think that she is the door I will continue to see."
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