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Regina Honorat, RCSWI

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Specialities: anxiety, depression, marriage counseling, stress management, adolescent therapy, grief & loss, health & Wellness.
Therapy Modalities: CBT, DBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, MBSRT, Supportive Psychotherapy.


Available at: Gainesville and Telepsychiatry

Regina Honorat, RCSWI is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern. She is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Florida with an undergraduate BA in Criminology & Law, BS in Psychology, and Minor in Leadership. She is a recent graduate of Columbia University obtaining an MSW specializing in Advanced Clinical Practice.

Her passion and niche within her professional career have been found in working in the Mental Health field specifically with marginalized populations. She considers herself a problem-solving mental health professional, who concentrated on crisis interventions with solution-based approaches.

 Currently residing in Gainesville, Florida, she is of Haitian descent born in Haiti, and raised in South Florida. Her current position as a Pregnancy Counselor allows her to provide support to expecting families throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery by serving as a bridge to resources, education, medical, and social services. Her research interests are focused on providing collaborative and effective therapeutic services to individuals to create culturally sensitive treatment goals, which would include education, advocating for their rights, and collaborating with community resources to introduce quality and accessible mental healthcare.

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 Regina Honorat, RCSWI

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